Wisma Saberkas is situated at the heart of the Kuching city with 22-storey shopping cum office complex with 7 storeys of shops and 15 storeys of offices. There are over 40 computer shops and mobile phone shops and booths offering the latest choices of ICT products such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, telecommunication devices, phones and computer accessories, printers, projectors, gaming software, digital cameras, security systems software and all other ICT related products.

Officially opening its doors ON 22nd August, 1985 by Malaysia fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, Wisma Saberkas has established its name as being one of Sarawak’s foremost ICT malls where you can almost find anything related to ICT, and is one of the few remaining malls in Kuching which is still very popular among the locals.

As a one stop shopping centre for the family ICT needs, the Complex also houses the Guardian pharmacy, food outlets, clothing boutiques, beauty salons, hair salons, fitness equipment stores and many more.
Parking at Wisma Saberkas is free from level 3A and above, the rest of the parking is chargeable at a 'per-entry'. Those opting to park at the ground floor/loading bay/ premier parking will be subject to premium rates which are chargeable by the duration of usage.

Wisma Seberkas does try refurbish and recolour itself from time to time to compete with new emerging malls. Wisma Saberkas is so far the unrivalled spot for gadget hunting in Kuching as shoppers can find the latest and biggest IT shops in Kuching and probably Borneo having an outlet here.

The building 15 storey office block house the headquarters for the state Public Work Department and also the headquarters for the Drainage and Irrigation Department, the Divisional Dentist and several other government agencies.

Multilevel Parking

Automated Parking System
Multilevel Carpark Level 1A to Level 3A
First Hour – RM1.00
Every Subsequent Two Hours – RM1.00
Free Parking First 30 Minutes
Level 3A and Level 7B Free Parking
(Auto Pay Machine is located at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3)

Premier Parking /
Bas Bay / Loading Bay

First 10 minutes – Free Parking
First Half an Hour – RM1.00
Second Half and Hour – RM1.00
Third Half an Hour – RM2.00
Every Subsequent Half an Hour – RM5.00

Business Hour

10am - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Us

Wisma Saberkas Management Corporation
Lot 4.04-4.05, 4th Floor, Wisma Saberkas
Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg
93000, Kuching Sarawak.
Tel: +6082-421227 / +6082-251693
Email: info@wismasaberkas.com